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PTU is a consultant company having our main office in Mosterhamn at Bømlo.

We convey qualified personell in our local and international network.

As a consultant working through us, you will benefit and have advantages due to administrative tasks.  PTU will relieve you by serving you.

As a consultant you will achieve flexibility and a fast career track. You will benefit from our market knowledge, client relationships and established network.


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Working as a consultant?

PTU AS is a company that connects you as a consultant to the clients in a professional way.

We are looking for experienced technical personnel and engineering within the oil, gas and industry.

Have you ever considered starting on your own? We can help you!

Would you like to have the freedom to choose your own work? As a consultant on our team, we would help you to connect with various clients.

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Let´s make Your career together.

Be a consultant through PTU AS, we will serve You to create the best results.

For further information, please contact us, and we will set up a meeting.

PTU offers to consultans:

  • Conveys your competence to our network
  • Steady and interesting network
  • Relieve You from administrative tasks
  • Providing your resume in our network
  • Helps You, serve You and works for You


Our Specialties:

 Project follow-up in instrument, electro and mechanical disciplines:

Project management 

Plan & cost 



Frequency converters, distribution and control system 

Field instrumentation 

High voltage systems 

Emergency power and UPS      

Documentation, certificates and “as-built” follow-up 

Drilling systems

Fire, gas and safety systems

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Team members

Jostein Hallaråker

Jostein Hallaråker

Consultant advisor

Magne Pedersen

Magne Pedersen

Commissioning engineer

Lillian Farestveit

Lillian Farestveit

Managing director HR & ADMIN advisor

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